Braelyn's most recently purchased sires have come from the Allendale, Talbalba and Merawah Studs. We have also used home bred sires produced by joining the best of our stud females to AI sires that have had a strong impact within the breed. AI Sires recently used have included Yarram Unique F107and Yarram Unique F181. In 2021 AI Sires selected for use have been Mawarra Emperor(AI) (ET) (H), Wirruna Leap Forward L95 (ET) (PP), Wirruna Pilot P054 (AI) (PP), Wirruna Phil P273 (AI) (PP), Allendale Anzac E114 (PP) and Centennial Calibre L058.
Allendale Washington G82 (ET) (P)

We were fortunate to have purchased Washington as a proven sire; he has been used successfully at Allendale and Kerlson Pines and we are very pleased with his progeny. He’s a balanced all round performer with a particular strength in improving IMF marbling. His dam, Allendale Fancy Z59 is one of the best cows at Allendale having produced a number of outstanding Washington sons, while his sire Allendale Waterhouse D1 has been influential in the breed.

Pedigree & EBVs

Allendale Waterhouse D1, sire of Allendale Washington G82 (ET) (P)

Talbalba Advance L199 (H)

Purchased at the 2017 Talbalba sale, we selected Advance L199 because he combined an excellent phenotype, strong Breedplan figures particularly for IMF marbling, as well as a pedigree of individuals who have had positive influences on the breed. Advance L199 is also an outcross to our herd, although his dam line goes back to Widgiewa Governor 2138 whose bloodline continues to perform strongly in our program, adding weight and muscle to his progeny. 

Pedigree & EBVs

Braelyn Sapper N040 (PP)

Sapper N040 is a grandson of the great Allendale Anzac E114 and from a Valma Odyssey daughter. He demonstrates great carcase attributes, including a strong top line. These attributes are backed up by excellent Breedplan figures, especially growth, carcase weight, IMF and EMA scores which are all well above breed averages. Joined in the 2019/2020 season, his calves are showing depth, thickness and quality.

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IMG_5670 (1)_edited.jpg
Braelyn Unique K186 (AI) (H)

Braelyn Unique was our top “K” drop horned calf. Another all round performer, he’s been very successfully used over heifers. He’s sired by horned  performance leader Yarram Unique F181 and his highly rated dam has Coora Camooweal Q81 and Red Hill Rockford Roy as grandsires. 

Pedigree & EBVs

Braelyn Camooweal G048 (H)

We selected Camooweal G048 as the top calf of his drop. He was a standout from birth, exhibiting an excellent phenotype and very good weight gain. His pedigree includes successful sires such as Lyonbank National  and Widgiewa Jabiru, while his dam has been one of our best breeders. He's leaving progeny with growth and excellent cosmetics.

Pedigree & EBVs

Braelyn Governor M157 (AI)(H)

Intermediate Champion at the 2018 feature breed showing at Sydney Royal, Braelyn Governor M157 AI is a bull with great length, depth and thickness which combined with an excellent phenotype, makes him a quality individual. His dam is from the Pansy cow line which continues to breed extremely well for us. Semen has been retained for in herd use only.

Pedigree & EBVs

Braelyn Unique N089 (H)

Braelyn Unique N089 is the son of Braelyn Unique K186 and grandson of leading carcase sire Yarram Unique Y181. A soft, easy doing bull, he has been selected for his length, good head and eyes, great structure and strong carcase attributes, being above breed average on figures for growth, carcase and EMA. His Index Values are also all above breed average. Joined 2019/2020 season his first calves are on the ground and are very pleasing. 

Pedigree & EBVs

Mawarra Emperor.PNG
Mawarra Emperor (AI) (ET) (H)
(AI Sire)

Mawarra Emperor has been selected for use in our herd to lift IMF while also displaying excellent figures for birth weight, growth and carcase. Emperor was part of the HAL young Sires Program and the BIN Progeny Test, 7th cohort. Mawarra rates his dam Minerva 816 as an outstanding female, 6 daughters are retained. Mawarra Emperor sired the $100,000 Talbalba Emperor P043 bred by Steve and Debbie Reid and sold to Yarram Park and Cara Park Hereford Studs. Emperor also sired Mawarra If Only sold at Wodonga 2021 for a record breaking $103,000 to Melville Park Stud.

Wirruna Leap Forward L95 (ET) (PP)
(AI Sire)

To be used as an AI Sire, Leap Forward is sired by KCF Bennett Revolution X51 (IMP USA), the number 1 US multi-trait proven bull with over 1,600 progeny. His dam Wirruna Midge F322 is a top donor cow at Wirruna from a strong carcase family. Leap Forward has low birth weight, above average figures for growth and carcase. EMA and Marbling are in the breed's top 2 percent.

Wirruna Phil P273 (AI) (PP) 
(AI Sire)

Wirruna Phil P273 is a son of Wirruna Ledger L285 whose sire was Allendale Anzac E114. He is a well fleshed bull with low birth weight and high growth figures while having excellent figures for carcase, EMA that is in the top 1 percent, IMF in the top 10 percent along with indexes that place him in the top 1 percent of the breed. Wirruna Phil P273 sold at the Wirruna 2021 Autumn Sale for $70,000, purchased by 2 studs.

Wirruna Pilot P054 (AI) (PP) 
(AI Sire)

Pilot has been selected as a HAL Super Sire. He is a top of the drop Wirruna Kalimna K326 son and out of an Allendale Anzac E114 dam. He is a low birth weight bull with above average growth, along with ideal carcase attributes being in the top 8 percent for carcase and the top 1 percent for IMF. His indexes are in the top 1 percent of the breed.

Allendale Anzac E114 (PP) (AI Sire)

Anzac has been one of the most widely used and influential sires of this era, his sons having sold to $110,000. He is a trait leader, with a high degree of accuracy, for 200, 400 and 600 day growth, EMA and IMF while his carcase weight is in the top 1 percent of the breed. Anzac displays a sirey outlook, an excellent phenotype combined with great length and thickness.  

Centennial Calibre L058 (AI) (ET) (PP) 
(AI Sire)

Calibre is a son of Days Calibre G74 and has been selected for his growth and excellent carcase attributes. He has a quality phenotype, is structurally correct and has great length of body. His Dam's pedigree includes the influential sires South Bukalong Wallace 2 and Allendale National W168.

Yarram Unique F107.jpg
Yarram Unique F107 (H) (AI Sire)

Yarram Unique F107 is sired by Mawarra Unique C041 who has a number of his sons retained for use in the Yarram Park herd. Yarram Park say of F107, " he is one of the very top bulls we have bred. Beautifully balanced and free moving, F107 offers the complete package with great carcase and capacity, yet still soft and smooth coated."  A son of F107 topped the Yarram Park sale in 2018, selling for $26,000.

Pedigree & EBVs

Yarram Unique F181 (H) (AI Sire)

Yarram Unique F181 is by top sire Marwarra Unique C041; his figures display a low birth, high growth, exceptional EMA, high IMF bull with positive figures for calving ease. He is the highest ranked horned Hereford sire by Grain Fed Index ($) as well as being the second ranked sire, horned or polled, for Net Feed Intake. F181 has excellent skin and hair type which he has passed on to his progeny at Braelyn along with good structure and carcase qualities. He has been joined by AI to some of our best cows, producing current sire Braelyn Unique K186 as well as some quality heifers.

Pedigree & EBVs