"As trends have come and gone we've kept our breeding program focused on a particular type that is easy care, feed efficient, has moderate growth, a strong constitution and excellent carcase attributes."

About our cattle

Braelyn has a stud herd of 90 horned and 90 polled breeders as well as a commercial herd, all of which are recorded descendants of our stud foundation of more than 40 years.


Our direction is informed by carcase feedback over 20 years from steers sold to a local feedlot and processed at Oakey. Our criteria is high growth and weight gain to feedlot entry, with a target of 450kg to 500kg at milk tooth. More recently many of our commercial cattle have been sold online with pleasing results.


At slaughter our steers are known for excellent coverage on the top and hind quarter. Our herd is EU accredited.

The type established over 40 years is an easy care, feed efficient animal with a strong constitution, sound structure and desirable carcase attributes.


Breedplan is used to complement selection with eye setting, pigmentation and hair type being necessary for bulls sold to tick areas in Queensland. Herefords as a breed have embraced Genomics which has given performance figures more predictability, among other benefits, to breeders.

AI sires have been carefully selected for optimal genetics with AI sons and home bred sires used over the 200 females with stud and commercial cattle being run together. We have aimed to produce environmentally adapted and market focused progeny. In the recent past Allendale Washington G82 (P) and Talbalba Advance L199 (H) were purchased to accelerate marbling through the herd. A Polled sire was also purchased from Merawah. Yarram Unique F181 (H) and Yarram Unique F107 (H) have been used successfully as AI sires. In 2021 an AI program was implemented across 30 breeders using bulls Wirruna Leap Forward L95 (ET) (PP), Wirruna Phil P273 (AI) (PP), Allendale Anac E114(PP), Centennial Calibre L058 (AI) (ET) (PP) and Mawarra Emperor (AI) (ET) (H). In 2022 Yarram Storm N090 (H) and Yarram Mojo Q086 (H) have been selected for use as AI sires. 

In 2021 we purchased Yalgoo Pioneer Q047 (PP) for equal top price as our latest Poll Hereford Sire. In November 2021 Warwick Court Renault R120 (H) was bought from the Warwick Court dispersal sale for 2nd top price, a Horned Hereford with excellent phenotype and Breedplan figures.

Our herd is run at Merritts Creek, north of Toowoomba and at The Mountain near Texas.​